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Meijiang strives to add more than 75

Meijiang strives to add more than 75

Workshop of Guangdong Huali Electric Co., Ltd. Shot by Wei Liwen

Intimate service enables enterprises to develop with peace of mind

In midsummer, Guangdong Huali Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huali Electric"), located in Dongsheng Industrial Park, Meijiang District, saw a hot scene in the workshop, and workers were busy installing distribution boxes.

Huali Electric is a national key high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, production and sales services such as high-low voltage power transmission and distribution complete equipment, photovoltaic energy storage, new energy Charging station, etc. Last year, its sales reached 110 million yuan, and this year, it plans to launch a sprint to the annual sales of 200 million yuan.

To double the performance, Li Xinguo, Vice General Manager of Huali Electric, admitted that the pressure is not small, but he is full of confidence. "This year, Huali Electric has developed a new digital intelligent switch cabinet, and is currently carrying out patent filing, which will help enterprises to further expand their business." Li Xinguo said that he is confident that this is not only the reason. Relying on the enterprise hand in hand activities carried out in Meijiang District, the company has successfully docked with more than 10 enterprises.

This is a vivid epitome of Meijiang District's efforts to help enterprises expand their "circle of friends" and unblock the "industrial chain" through the way of "the government sets up the stage and enterprises sing the opera".

"Four top" enterprises are the Political base to improve the quality of development and expand the economic aggregate. Meijiang District realizes that the importance of stabilizing the development of existing "four top" enterprises is no less than cultivating new "four top" enterprises. That is to say, it is necessary to spell out the "upper limit" while also preventing the "lower limit".

Why is there a "lower limit"? The reasons vary. In order to implement the policy precisely, Meijiang District conscientiously "turned over the old accounts", sampled and ranked the "four top" enterprises that have returned or moved out in recent years, and focused on analyzing the reasons for the withdrawal of enterprises in industries such as industry, wholesale and retail accommodation and catering industry, service industry, and construction industry, so as to draw inferences from one example and maintain the stock of "four top" enterprises as far as possible.

How to prevent "lower limit of regulations"? The key is to make the enterprise develop well. In recent years, Meijiang District has continued to optimize the business environment, and further strengthened the service of administrative approval by implementing 100% online acceptance and 100% online settlement of administrative approval matters.

In terms of promoting the solution of enterprise problems, Meijiang District launched the first day system for service enterprises. The leaders of the district linked with key enterprises, visited enterprises on the first working day of each month to understand their demands and solve the problem of "urgent difficulties and anxieties" for enterprises. Since March this year, Meijiang District has visited 478 enterprises and helped them solve 195 problems.

We adhere to the principle of 'user thinking' and do a good job of 'full chain' protection. By establishing an agency system, intervening in advance, and following up on services throughout the process, we handle the procedures for new projects entering the park and approve them simultaneously, greatly reducing the approval time and achieving the goal of 'starting work immediately after land acquisition', "said Li Zheng, director of the Dongsheng Industrial Park Service Center.

After understanding the demand for expansion of Guangdong Yinghua Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Meijiang District Bureau of Science, Industry and Commerce and the park actively did a good job in service guarantee. On June 13th, the company started construction immediately after taking the land, and the construction of an annual production of 16600 tons of high-end electrolytic copper foil renovation and expansion project is in full swing.

"For enterprises that have already reached the 'upper limit', we should not only provide good services, but also work together with the Meijiang District Statistics Bureau and all towns and streets to strengthen monitoring, and follow up on enterprises that may have the risk of 'lower limit' in a timely manner." Huang Qingwei introduced.

It is worth noting that, in order to strengthen policy incentives, Meijiang District will next guide banks and financial institutions to develop financing service plans for qualified enterprises in the "one enterprise, one policy" way to increase effective credit supply. At the same time, incentive policies will be introduced for each town (street) to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the town and street to cultivate "four up" enterprises. (This article is transferred from Nanfang Daily)


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