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Huali Electric carries out the

Huali Electric carries out the "38" International Women's Day celebration activity

In the third month of spring, the grass grows and the warblers fly. In order to celebrate the 113th "March 8th" International Women's Day and create a happy and progressive festival atmosphere, the company organized a unique Tea party on the morning of March 8, and carefully prepared shopping card gifts, vacation benefits and other forms to enrich the lives of women workers, reflecting the care and warmth of the enterprise for women workers.

At the beginning of the meeting, Vice General Manager Li Xinguo extended holiday greetings to all female employees of the company and delivered the following holiday speeches: The development of the times and the progress of society require us to be a knowledgeable and intelligent woman. It is hoped that our female employees will establish the concept of Lifelong learning, constantly improve their ability to learn and master modern science and technology, enhance their sense of innovation, handle the relationship between study, work and family, maintain a lasting enthusiasm for learning, constantly enrich and improve themselves with new knowledge and skills, and encourage us to strive to grow into excellent female employees with one specialty and many abilities.

During the meeting, female comrades expressed themselves freely, shared some interesting life experiences, and exchanged some of their insights; Watching a video of a women's health lecture together, the festive atmosphere was humorous and enjoyable.

Huali Electric provides a broad stage for female employees to showcase their talents, strengths, and create their own value. I hope that our female compatriots will work diligently and persevere in their future work and life, constantly improve and improve themselves, develop and progress together with the company, and strive to be an excellent and responsible woman in the new era. Write a new chapter for the beautiful future of your career with your own wisdom and sweat!


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