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Welcome the Jade rabbit Huali blueprint | Huali Electric 2023 Spring Festival pledge mobilization meeting was held

Welcome the Jade rabbit Huali blueprint | Huali Electric 2023 Spring Festival pledge mobilization meeting was held

On February 4th, the 2023 New Year Oath Mobilization Meeting of Huali Electric was held on the day of the beginning of spring. With the beautiful season of continuous spring rain, the recovery of all things, and the vigorous growth of nature, Huali people jointly look forward to the development blueprint of Huali in 2023. All management personnel are working hard in the new year, standing at a new starting point, and striving for a new journey.

Firstly, Mr. Li Xinguo, the Deputy General Manager of the company, explained in detail to the department managers the important speech of Mr. Hu Zhourong, the Chairman, at the end of 2022, as well as the various business goals for 2023 issued by the Huali Board of Directors. Mr. Hu Zhourong, the chairman, clearly pointed out: "To achieve the 2023 business goals of Huali, it is necessary for all employees to make unremitting efforts. The spirit of Huali people to face difficulties and not be afraid of difficulties will surely succeed! Not to be full all day long, not to give up on achievements in the past. Everyone should always display perseverance and team cohesion." Four key action measures taken simultaneously to achieve annual business goals:

1. Increase the investment of the company;

2. Optimize and enhance the Huali management platform;

3. Implement a high incentive and high constraint mechanism;

4. Build a team of talented individuals. Mr. Li provided detailed explanations and important measures for the 4-way formation, and department managers listened attentively and actively discussed them.

Mountains have the height of mountains, water has the length of water, and everything has its own persistence. Adhere to the resolutions of the board of directors represented by Mr. Hu Zhourong and implement them; Adhere to the various business policies of the General Manager's Office represented by Mr. Hu Xiongjie and implement them; Persist in promoting the indomitable and tenacious fighting spirit of Huali people; Persistence is victory!

Instructions from the General Manager

Subsequently, department managers actively spoke at the meeting on the decomposition of 2023 Huali's business management objectives, department management, personnel deployment and other major work planning matters. Mr. Hu Xiongjie, the general manager of the company, provided important work instructions and requirements for the speeches of department managers. The brainstorming proposal and lively discussion atmosphere on site extended the originally 1-hour meeting by two and a half hours.

Finally, Mr. Hu Xiongjie, the general manager of the company, gave the following instructions:

Continuously optimize the internal operation and management system of Huali, improve management level, and ensure effective management;

Quickly entering the direction of high-quality development, focusing on the new energy field, researching and developing photovoltaic energy storage and hydrogen energy products, improving product technology content and customer service satisfaction, and achieving the goal of high-quality development for enterprise transformation and upgrading;

All departments closely revolve around the company's strategic development goals, cooperate closely, and collaborate efficiently to ensure the completion of various business indicators issued by the chairman by the end of 2022.

New Year's Message

In 2023, we hope that Huali people will make every effort, take on responsibilities, adhere to customer-centered, provide sincere services, and seek benefits from management; Taking technological innovation as the purpose, and creating the future through practical work! We will continue to innovate and break through, stimulate new momentum, and forge a new path in high-quality development, striving to strengthen and optimize our fundamental enterprises.


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